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Simplicity as an Epistemological Value in Scientific Practice

Institut d’Etudes Avancées – Paris and REHSEIS (SPHERE), CNRS–Université Paris-Diderot
Site : Fondation Réseau Français des Instituts d’Etudes Avancées, 16-18 rue Suger, 75006 Paris

The epistemological value of simplicity has long been taken as self-evident by natural scientists, and perhaps especially by physical scientists, but in this workshop we wish to examine the multiple meanings and values that have variously been attached to simplicity in the mathematical, physical and biological sciences – both as currently practiced and as practiced in the past.

Programm :

Friday, Jan 8. 2010

- 9h30 :
Welcome : Evelyn Fox Keller, IEA & MIT

- 9h45 :

David Wilson, History of Science, Iowa
State University :
“Simplicity in the Copernican Revolution : Galileo,
Descartes, and Newton”

- 11h30-12h45 :

Jean Gayon, IHPST, Université
Panthéon-Sorbonne :

“Simplicity in the biological sciences”

- 14h30-15h45 :
Evelyn Fox Keller, IEA & MIT :

“Simplicity as an ontological value in Physics and

- 16h05-17h20 :
Annick Lesne, CNRS, LPTMC &
“Simple models in physics and biology”

- 17h20- 18h20 :
Round table (commentators) :

Ruelle, Karine Chemla, Jacques Ricard
Nadine Peyriéras

Saturday, Jan 9. 2010

- 9h30 – 10h45 :
David Rabouin, Director,
REHSEIS (SPHERE, CNRS & U. Paris-Diderot) :
“The Difficulty of being simple : Leibniz on simple

- 11h15- 12h30 :
Jeremy Avigad, INRIA – MSR,
Orsay, & Carnegie Mellon University :
"Simplicity in abstract algebra and number theory"

- 14h00-15h15 :
Andrew Arana, Kansas State University :
“Simplicity and elementary methods”

- 15h45-17h00 :
Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz,
Director Departement HPS, U. Paris-Diderot &
REHSEIS (SPHERE, CNRS & U. Paris-Diderot) :
“Investigating once again the Kantian antinomy

- 17h00-18h00 :
Round table (commentators) :
Karine Chemla, Sébastien Gandon and Ivahn Smadja

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