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Conférence exceptionnelle de Sam Schweber (univ. Brandeis, Massachusetts)

The molding of the young Bethe

June 1st, 2011
4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Salle Malevitch, 483A, Université Paris Diderot, bâtiment Condorcet, 4, rue Elsa Morante. Access.

Organization : Nadine de Courtenay, Olivier Darrigol, Sara Franceschelli, Jan Lacki (SPHERE)

Orateur :
Silvan Samuel Schweber,
professeur émérite de physique à l’université Brandeis (USA)

Abstract :

The lecture will analyze the self-development of Bethe as a theoretical physicist. It will focus on the local differences between the physics communities he was associated with in the 1920s and 1930s - Frankfurt University, Sommerfeld’s seminar in Munich, Ewald’s Institute in Stuttgart, the Cavendish, Fermi’s Institute, Bragg’s department in Manchester, and Cornell’s physics department – and indicate how these differing contexts were reflected in the physics produced in them, in Bethe’s persona, in his presentation of self and in his physics. Conversely, some observations will be made about the development of theoretical physics in the first half of the 20th century.

Quelques publications :
Einstein and Oppenheimer : The Meaning of Genius. Harvard University Press, 2008.
In the Shadow of the Bomb : Bethe and Oppenheimer and the Moral Responsability of the Scientist. Princeton University Press, 2000.
QED and the Men who Made it : Dyson, Feynman, Schwinger, and Tomonaga. Princeton University Press, 1994.
And with H. A. Bethe & F. De Hoffman, Quantum Theory of Fields. Row Peterson, 1960.